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The experiments use components from the electrical machine teaching models system and utilise safety extra-low voltage. All machines are mounted on a base unit which is set up vertically in a training panel frame.


  • Recognising basic physical principles
  • Recording machine characteristics
  • Introduction to drive technology
  • Use of simple tools (spanners, oil cans etc.)

Thanks to the lossless rotor excitation and thanks to the use of less raw materials (Al, Fe, Cu), the energy efficiency is greater than for a conventional synchronous motor. When used as a direct drive at small power outputs, an additional improvement in efficiency can be seen with respect to geared motors. Permanent magnet motors are effectively free of wear and require neither lubrication nor gears. Even as generators in small-scale power stations, high-efficiency machines achieve higher rates of efficiency than the previous solutions. In conjunction with a three-phase supply voltage, block and sinusoidal modulation modes can be investigated. How the motor functions with the rotor position sensor equipped with Hall-effect components is also covered in the experiments. By means of simple connection of windings using jumpers (bridging plugs), star and delta circuits can be converted into one another quickly and clearly. Two high-efficiency rotors are available, one with an external magnet adhered to it and one with an internal magnet inserted. To distinguish between the poles, the three magnets are colour-coded. The 10-pole stator windings are also colour-coded in order to make the arrangement of the three phases clear.

The equipment set incorporates student experiments which can be carried out in a laboratory safely using safety extra-low voltage. Experiment instructions are contained in a manual in either printed or digital form.

The target group is made up of students in general or vocational education. The experiments are designed as an introduction at a simple level of understanding.

This equipment set is a self-contained supplement for E2.1.3.1 ELM basic machines for safety extra-low voltage.


  • Synchronous machines (PMSM)
  • BLDC operation
  • Generator operation
  • Block and sinusoidal modulation
  • Rotor position sensor with Hall-effect components
  • Comparison between star and delta configurations
  • Step operation

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Components of equipment sets

563 16   Allen key 1
563 31   Oil, 100 ml, in dropping bottle 1
727 811   Basic machine unit 1
727 82 Basic terminal unit 1
727 83 Set of masks 1
727 87 Star-delta load 1
727 88   Drive unit 1
685 96   Driving belt, long for drive unit 72788 1
727 91 Linear motor basic unit 1
727 92 Linear motor with coil assembly 1
725 721G Three-phase generator in case 1
727 815 ELM set: Multipole stator and rotor 1
727 816 ELM PM magnet rotor with inner magnets 1
727 812 Rotor position pick-up 1
510 48   Magnets, 35 mm Ø, pair 1
579 06   Lamp holder, E10, top, STE 2/19 3
313 20 * Digital hand-held tachometer 1
524 013S   * Sensor-CASSY 2 Starter 1
531 282   Multimeter Metrahit Pro 2
726 09 Panel frame T130, two-level 1
563 04   Storage tray for ELM apparatus 1
500 59   Safety bridging plugs, black, set of 10 1
500 592  8  Safety bridging plugs with tap, black, set of 10 1
501 532  8  Connecting leads, 19 A, set of 30 1
569 080DE  4  LIT: Autom. E-Machines A2.7.2.1 1
additionally required: PC with Windows XP/Vista/7/8

Articles marked with * are not essential, we do however recommend them to carry out the experiment.

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