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The COM3LAB courses on power electronics convey the topic in concentrated form to deepen understanding. Characteristics of power semiconductors and the basic standard circuits are investigated. All the experiments work with single-phase safety extra-low voltage, which is non-hazardous. Only small amounts of materials and little space are needed for the experiments. A student desk with a PC is entirely sufficient.


  • Basic physical principles of power semiconductors
  • Design of key basic circuits for power electronics
  • Assessment of properties of rectifiers and converters

The equipment set allows students to experiment themselves in a lab equipped with PCs using safety extra-low voltage, which presents no hazard. It is also suitable for demonstration experiments by teachers. Multimedia software explains and monitors how the experiments are carried out.

The target group mainly consists of trainee industrial or jobbing electricians. The systems can also be used for vocational further education.

To gain a deeper understanding, experiments with the compact system E2.4.2.1, Static converter valves, is ideal.

In project lessons an asynchronous machine (732 104) is operated without a load and supplied with three-phase power (3 x 230 V) via a universal converter (735 297). The parameters for the converter can be set via an interface panel on the board itself which connects directly to the COM3LAB course.


  • Semiconductors in power electronics
  • Wiring and control
  • Switching processes and commutation
  • Uncontrolled rectifier circuits
  • Characteristic values for periodic signals
  • Controlled line-commutated converters
  • Circuits: M1C, M3C, B2C, B6C
  • Semi-controlled rectifiers
  • Self-commutated converters
  • Semiconductor switches and choppers
  • Switches and actuators for DC
  • Inverters
  • Static converters for closed-loop control
  • Static converters for drive technology

Components of equipment sets

700 2101 COM3LAB course: Power electronics I 1
700 22   COM3LAB course: Power electronics II 1
700 020 COM3LAB Master Unit 1
700 022 Safety cable 2mm 1
700 00CBTDE   DVD: COM3LAB software, German 1
700 00CBTEN   * DVD: COM3LAB software, English 1
The following components are required for project-based lessons:
735 297   * Universal converter 3 x 230 V 1
735 290   * Connecting lead universal converter 1
732 104   * Squirrel cage motor 230/400/0.3 1
731 07  * Shaft end guard 0.3 1
726 71   * Single-phase supply unit 1
500 59   * Safety bridging plugs, black, set of 10 1
500 851   * Safety connecting leads, 32 A, set of 32 1
726 19   * Panel frame SL85, single-level 1
  700 00CBTXX – The COM3LAB – Software is also available in French, Dutch, Polish, Russian, Spanish, etc. 1

Articles marked with * are not essential, we do however recommend them to carry out the experiment.




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