E Napędy z przesyłową przetwornicą częstotliwości 300W

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The power electronics part of this lab practical uses training panels. The electrical machine employed is an industrial machine on a base, whereby the characteristics of the machine can be determined using the Machine test system 0.3. Power is supplied to the machine under test via an industrial frequency converter, which obtains its power from the normal mains power supply (mains voltage, 230 V).


  • Protective measures and electrical safety
  • Set-up of power generating systems according to circuit diagrams
  • Putting electrical drives into operation
  • Recording of load characteristics with various operating parameters
  • Achieving skills in measuring electrical machines
  • Automatic speed control for an asynchronous (induction) machine

Using switchable converter valves, it is possible to set-up three-phase networks with variable frequency and amplitude. The speed of asynchronous (induction) machines is then variable with practically no losses over a broad range. In this lab, machines in the power class 0.3 kW are used. The equipment set includes an industrial compact converter. The experiments focus on putting converters into operation, setting their parameters and investigating machine response.

Students work in the power engineering lab with mains voltage. Experiments procedures are contained in a printed manual.

The experiments are designed for intermediate and advanced levels.


  • Fundamentals of three-phase machines
  • Equivalent circuit for an asynchronous (induction) motor
  • Torque, efficiency and optimum magnetisation
  • Circuit wiring and connection of components
  • Setting up a drive and testing its operation
  • Parameter setting for a frequency converter
  • Learning the key menus
  • Measurement of converter output voltage
  • Effect of start voltage
  • Effect of start compensation (lxR compensation)
  • Response of the machine in the absence of starting voltage and compensation
  • Effect of slip compensation
  • Recording of V/f characteristic for a machine operating without a load, with and without compensation of the frequency converter

Similar to illustration

735 312   Industrial frequency converter 0.3 1
732 104   Squirrel cage motor 230/400/0.3 1
531 282   Multimeter Metrahit Pro 1
731 989USB   Machine test system 0.3 1
728 421   CBM10 MOMO/FCCP 1
735 314   LCP2 local control panel 1
726 10 Panel frame T150, two-level 1
731 06   Coupling 0.3 1
731 07   Shaft end guard 0.3 1
731 081   Coupling guard 0.3 transparent 1
500 59   Safety bridging plugs, black, set of 10 1
500 592   * Safety bridging plugs with tap, black, set of 10 1
500 591   Safety bridging plugs, yellow/green, set of 10 1
500 852   Safety connecting leads, 32 A, yellow/green, set of 10 1
500 851   Safety connecting leads, 32 A, set of 32 1
565 381   LIT: Power Electronics and Drive Technology, T 12.4.2 1
565 382   * LIT: Power Electronics and Drive Technology, T 12.4.2 1
additionally required: PC with Windows XP/Vista/7/8

Articles marked with * are not essential, we do however recommend them to carry out the experiment.




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