Kurs praktyczny elektropneumatyka nr kat. 7003501 – COM3lab

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The COM3LAB course electro pneumatics is designed to teach basic knowledge of pneumatics and electro pneumatics. By means of examples, explanations, exercises and the complete range of BIBB standard tasks the basics and the „how-to” of pneumatics and electro pneumatics are vividly illustrated.

In order to perform experiments the COM3LAB board can either be connected with industry standard valve technology or with the additionally available COM3LAB board pneumatics (700351), which is equipped with complete hardware to perform all BIBB standard tasks. .


  • Basics of pneumatics/electro pneumatics
  • Pneumatic and electric circuit diagrams
  • Pilot control of a single-acting cylinder
  • Pilot control of a double-acting cylinder
  • Holding element control
  • Basic circuit with AND function
  • Basic circuit with OR function
  • Basic circuit with electric latching circuits
  • Displacemnet-dependent control
  • Time-dependent control, switch-on and switch-off time delay
  • pressure-dependent control
  • Sequential controls

Virtual lab:

  • Oscilloscope
  • Function generator
  • Multimeters (2x)
  • Digital analyzer

Additional functions:

  • Word processing
  • Printer
  • Pocket calculator
  • Free experimentation
  • Glossary

The experiment board is located in a stable course frame. The master unit is pushed onto the course frame and connected to the board. The security lock ensures safe communication.

The experiment board is powered by the Master Unit.
The wiring of the experiments carried out over 2 mm cable.
Course content, experiment instructions and tasks are taught through a course-specific software.

Dane techniczne

  • 6 relays, 4 changeover contacts
  • 1 time relay (switch-on and switch-off time delay)
  • 1 Pressure transducer
  • 1 Pressure sensor 0 .. 10 bar
  • Operating and monitoring elements
  • 24 V voltage supply
700 3501 COM3LAB Course: Electropneumatics

Dodatkowo wymagane

700 00CBTEN DVD: COM3LAB software, English 1
700 020 COM3LAB Master Unit 1
700 022 Safety cable 2mm 1

Czas trwania kursu: 540 min ( 12 x 45min )




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