Mobilne obciążenie indukcyjne jedno i trójfazowe LH

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• The inductor LH** can vary the power factor continuously from 0.9 to 0.1 in single-phase and 3-
• 3 moving laminated cores made from silicium sheets, are moved by a control wheel through 3 coils.
• The reactive power varies from 0.1kVAR to the rated power. (ie 4kVAR for LH40)
• It is possible to exceed the rated power during few minutes.
• 4 (safety) jumps connect the coils to either 3-phase star 400V, delta 240V or single-phase 240V.
• Each phase is protected by a fuse.
• This inductor exists in 3 standard power ratings.
• Dimensions 670 x 400 x 1000mm
• Weight 70kg
• Male earth sockets in standard. Female earth socket upon request.
• CEI1010 CATIII 1000Vrms pol2

Ref.                                 LH20   LH40    LH60
Reactive rated power         2kVAR 4kVAR 6kVAR
Constant current by phase  3A       6A         9A
Resistance of each coil       2.5 Ω   2.5 Ω    1.1 Ω



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