Multimetr OW41T+ 4,5 cyfry (4 i 1/2) Bluetooth + rejestrator

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  1. more than 1 device could be monitored, assuring more measurement safety

Several units DMMs possibly communicated with mobile app, freeing people from touching the measured object, human safety fully guaranteed.

  1. functioning as multimeter + datalogger

The measured data always updated, and auto- recorded to mobile device, saving labor to do on-site records; the recoding duration, and sampling duration could be customized, accessible in chart mode, facilitating comparison analysis between several DMMs.

  1. Offline record function

User don’t have to leave the phone on measure site, just use App to set the record interval and sum points. Multimeter will record the data itself and store them in its memory. Load the data from multimeter when there is analysis requirement.

Measurement Range Resolution Accruacy
DC Voltage (V) mV 220mV 0.01 mV ±(0.1%+5dig)
V 2.2V 0.1 mV ±(0.1%+2dig)
22V 1mV
220V 10mV
1000V 0.1 V ±(0.1%+5dig)
AC Voltage (V) mV 220mV 0.01 mV ≤1kHz ±(1.0%+10dig)
>1kHz ±(1.5%+50dig)
V 2.2V 0.1 mV ≤1kHz ±(0.8%+10dig)
>1kHz ±(1.2%+50dig)
22V 1mV ≤1kHz ±(0.8%+10dig)
>1kHz ±(1.2%+50dig)
220V 10mV ≤1kHz ±(0.8%+10dig)
>1kHz ±(2.0%+50dig)
750V 0.1 V ≤1kHz ±(1.2%+10dig)
>1kHz ±(3.0%+50dig)
DC Current (A) μA 220μA 0.01 μA ±(0.5%+10dig)
2200μA 0.1 μA
mA 22mA 1 μA
220mA 10 μA ±(0.8%+10dig)
A 20.00A [1] 1mA ±(2%+25dig)
AC Current (A) μA 220μA 0.01 μA ≤1kHz ±(0.8%+10dig)
>1kHz ±(1.2%+50dig)
2200μA 0.1 μA ≤1kHz ±(0.8%+10dig)
>1kHz ±(1.2%+50dig)
mA 22mA 1 μA ≤1kHz ±(1.2%+10dig)
>1kHz ±(1.5%+50dig)
220mA 10 μA ≤1kHz ±(1.2%+10dig)
>1kHz ±(1.5%+50dig)
A 20.00A [1] 1 mA ≤1kHz ±(1.5%+10dig)
>1kHz ±(2.0%+50dig)
Resistance (Ω) 220Ω 0.01 Ω ±(0.5%+10dig)
2.2kΩ 0.1Ω
220kΩ 10Ω
2.2MΩ 100Ω ±(0.8%+10dig)
22MΩ 1kΩ ±(1.5%+10dig)
220MΩ 10kΩ ±(5.0%+10dig)
Capacitance (F) 22nF 1pF ±(3.0%+5dig)
220nF 10pF
2.2μF 100pF
22μF 1 nF
220μF 10 nF
2.2mF 100 nF ±(4.0%+10dig)
>220mF / /
Frequency 22.00Hz 0.01Hz ±(0.1%+4dig)
220.0Hz 0.1 Hz
22.000kHz 1 Hz
220.00kHz 10 Hz
22.00Hz 100 Hz
2.2000MHz 1k Hz
22.000MHz 10k Hz
>220MHz / /
Duty Ratio (%) 5.0% – 94.9% (typical value:Vrms=1 V, f=1 kHz) 0.1% ±(1.2%+3dig)
0.1% – 99.9%(≥1 kHz) ±(2.5%+3dig)
Temperature  (°C/°F) (-50 ℃) – (400℃) 0.1 ℃ ±(1.5%+5dig)
(-58 ℉) – (752 ℉) 0.1 ℉ ±(1.4%+6dig)
Auto ranging Max / Min Value
Offline Recording Function B41T+ Bluetooth Module
Record Period 168 hours(7 days )
Record Length 10,000 points
True RMS LCD Backligth
Diode Test Simulated Chart
Audion Test Input Protection
Auto Test Input Impedance 10MΩ
On-off Warning LCD Size 69mm x 52mm
Low- battery Indicator Battery 3V(1.5V x 2)AA
Data Hold Dimension(WxHxD 85mm x185mmx30mm
Relative Measurement Device Weight 0.32 kg



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