Podstawowy zestaw edukacyjny biopaliwa – DL BIO-L

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The entire process of the production of organic fuels can be displayed with this kit. It starts with the biological step of alcohol fermentation. Afterwards, the produced mash will be distilled with the help of the condenser. The last step demonstrates the conversion of the produced bio?fuel into usable energy, such as electrical energy, using the provided Ethanol?fuel cell. The kit not only covers the topic of the production of bio?ethanol, but also the production of biodiesel through transesterification of fats.

Biodiesel production

  • Transesterification from fat to Biodiesel (FAME)
  • Determination of fat parameters
  • Extraction of fats from foods and oil plants

Alcohol fermentation

  • Production of a mash/alcoholic fermentation
  • Fermentation of different sugar types
  • (including catalytic splitting of starch)
  • Proof of fermentation gases

Distillation and production of Bio-ethanol

  • Distillation of mash
  • Characteristics of the produced Ethanol

Ethanol fuels

  • Introduction to Ethanol fuel cell
  • I?V curve of Ethanol fuel cells
  • Dependency of Ethanol fuel cells on concentration and
  • temperature
  • Energy balance of the whole process



De Lorenzo to włoska firma, która powstała w 1951 roku. Światowy lider w projektowaniu, rozwoju i produkcji zestawów edukacyjnych dla techników i specjalistów.