Podstawowy zestaw edukacyjny ogniwa paliwowe – DL HYDROGEN-L

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This kit allows studying the principles and the operation of solid oxide fuel cells (SOFC) and proton exchange membrane (PEM) fuel cells. It can be used in physics and chemistry classes as well as in technology classes. With the electrical loads (like a motor or a lamp) clear and practical experiments are possible. High?quality, didactic manuals complete this product.


  • Characteristics and operation of an electrolyser, of a PEM?Fuel cell, of a SOFC?Fuel cell,
  • Faraday and energy efficiency of the electrolyser and of the PEM?fuel cell.

MAIN OBJECTIVES • Understanding the physical principles of electrolysis and fuel cells • Basic quantitative experiments with reversible fuel cells • High?quality, didactic manuals

MAIN COMPONENTS A base, a SOFC?Fuel cell module, a PEM?Fuel cell module, an electrolyser module, a potentiometer module, a motor module, a solar module, a gas storage module, a gas burner, a propeller. Complete with CD with manual.

NECESSARY COMPONENTS 2 multimeters, a power supply, a lamp, test leads.



De Lorenzo to włoska firma, która powstała w 1951 roku. Światowy lider w projektowaniu, rozwoju i produkcji zestawów edukacyjnych dla techników i specjalistów.