Podstawowy zestaw edukacyjny z energii termalnej – DL THERMO-L

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Thermal energy

This kit provides a basic understanding of solar thermal energy conversion. The most important component is the solar collector, which can be powered both by sunlight as well as by the infrared light source.


  • the basics of thermal energy, 
  • absorption and reflecting ability in different materials,
  • light concentration with Fresnel?lens,
  • heat flow and layering,
  • heat conduction,
  • thermal insulation,
  • the solar collector with pumping circulation and with thermo siphon circulation,
  • variations of flow rate,
  • collector circulation with heat exchanger and with paraffin heat storage,
  • the parabolic collector with pump circulation,
  • the Peltier element as thermal?electric generator,
  • determination of the electric performance.



De Lorenzo to włoska firma, która powstała w 1951 roku. Światowy lider w projektowaniu, rozwoju i produkcji zestawów edukacyjnych dla techników i specjalistów.