Stanowisko dydaktyczne automatyczna skrzynia biegów – Elwe

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There is an increasing tendency for vehicles to be fitted with automatic gear-boxes. ELWE has therefore developed a training system to demonstrate the workings of automatic gear change and provide a transparently comprehendible method for studying its´ operational relationship to motor management. In general, the training system consists of an electronic facsimile of an automatic gear-box such as those installed into the Opel Vectra range of vehicles and includes original working parts such as the "Control Unit" and the "Gear Lever". Basically, only three experimental panels are required for the assembly of an inexpensive training system which, through its´ comprehensive operational structure, is able to clearly demonstrate all functional interrelationships in a unique manner. Flat flexible cables enable the uncomplicated connection of the experimental panels. Additional metering units and function generators are not required. This training system allows not only the connection to Student Metering Stations but also access to the fault memory of the control unit using the necessary software via the diagnostic interface. A connection for the Student Metering Station is available. Furthermore, there is the possibility to simply couple an existing Motronic M1.5 to the automatic gear-box via five 4mm cables. Automatic gear-box Ordering information