System szkoleniowy sterowanie poziomem 37-100

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The complete trainer 38-001 is a single loop system allowing the study of the principles of process control, using liquid level and flow rates as the measured process variables.

The system is a completely self-contained, low pressure flowing water circuit supported on a bench-mounted panel, making it suitable for individual student work or for group demonstrations.


  • Contains a selection of level and flow sensors and indicators
  • Flow controlled by linear motorised control valve
  • On/Off and proportional control
  • P, PI and full PID control with auto tune facility
  • Couples with Temperature Trainer for dual loop control
  • Modern push fittings
  • Water used as the process fluid
  • Comprehensive lab notes and Espial software

Subject Area

  • Flow and Level Familiarisation and Calibration
  • Interface Familiarisation and Calibration
  • Controller Familiarisation and Calibration
  • Float Level Transmitter
  • Pulse Flow Transmitter
  • On-Off Control
  • Study of P
  • PI and PID Control of Level and Flow
  • Tuning PID Controllers
  • Advanced Process Control