System szkoleniowy sterowanie procesem 37-100

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A heating element controlled by a thyristor circuit feeds heat into the airstream circulated by an axial fan along a polypropylene tube. A thermistor detector, which may be placed at one of three points along the tube length, senses the temperature at that point.

The volume of air flow is controlled by varying the speed of the fan via a potentiometer. A change in setting represents a supply side disturbance and the effects are easily demonstrated.


  • For teaching the basic ideas of process control to technicians, process operators and control engineers.
  • A practical process in miniature, designed for the instruction of students at all levels
  • Demonstrates closed and open-loop continuous control as well as two-step control
  • Response times enable dynamic behaviour to be seen on oscilloscope or chart recorder
  • The system exhibits thermal time constants and time transport lag
  • Meters with side-by-side pointers indicate set and measured values
  • Can be used with the Feedback PID150Y module to apply three term control

Subject Area

  • Distance/Velocity Lag
  • Transfer Lag
  • Calibration
  • Two-Step Control
  • Proportional Control
  • System Response
  • Frequency Response
  • Thermal Time Constants
  • Time Transport Lag
  • Compound Controller Action with PID150Y unit