System szkoleniowy zarządzanie sterowaniem procesami 38-009

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The Feedback Distributed Control System (DCS) trainer is a complete training solution that combines the operations of a leading commercial DCS process management package, namely Emerson’s DeltaV, with an assortment of our proprietary training rigs. The training rigs offer a range of processes- Level and, Flow, Temperature, Pressure and Forced Air Cooling. These may be operated separately or combined to produce a multi-process, multi-loop system.

The trainer is supplied complete with the PC, software, controller and I/O modules that are needed to monitor and control the process rigs. A control cabinet houses the components that provide the interface between the PC and the rigs. The control cabinet is easily connected to the PC and rigs using the supplied cables.

The valves, transducers and transmitters associated with the training equipment are standard industrial components that operate using simple 4-20 mA current loop control. The trainer can be used to perform a set of operations that will guide the student from the basics of field components in the process industry to the final control algorithms that are used in various applications.






  • Background theory
  • An introduction to DeltaV
  • General instructions on how to operate the system
  • Objectives for each assignment
  • Practical (hands-on experience) within each assignment
  • Suggestions for conducting experiments
  • A graphical user interface

Subject Area

  • DeltaV Explorer
  • Trainer Configuration
  • Basic On/Off Control
  • Advanced On/Off Control
  • Levels and Alarms
  • Sequential Function Charts
  • PID Control
  • Shutting Down the Workstation