Uniwersalny system rozszerzenia PCI LP-PCI-LAB

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Because of the widely used PCI application, high speed data acquisition on systems can be acquired. It has replaced ISA interface entirely. In order to meet the trend of PCI interface development, PCI-LAB especially is designed universally for PCI system, which supports engineers and education field usages to understand PCI within the shortest period. The PCI-LAB includes the external platform structure which is able to combine several learning units. 
Furthermore,there are many suitable teaching materials written by knowledgeable professors, for users to learn how to control I/O with PCI interface within the shortest period.

  • External platform structure: From the practice of textbooks and tools, users are able to learn quickly in controlling I/O under Windows/DOS through PCI interface card. Users can develop and learn PCI I/O control, furthermore experimenting with C or VB language.
  • Outstanding expansionary: External modules include motor, fan, and temperature sensor. Each module can be experimented separately.
  • The system contains two main units: 
    One is LP-PCI-IO interface card and the other is LP-PCI-LAB experiment platform.
  • Platform design: 
    Provide all experimental units and doesn't require for welding or soldering any extra wires. Strong and durable structure fits for educational and professional training institutes.
  • LP-PCI-IO is a standard PCI interface card: It’s a formal industrial control card meticulously designed by LEAP. It can be used to develop special subjects or researches. And can be applied to experiments on various PCI peripherals.

Standard Accessories
  • Main unit x 1
  • 68-pin cable x 1
  • LP-PCI-IO interface card x 1
Optional Accessories
  • Step Motor extension module
  • Direct Fan extension module
  • Temperature Induction extension module

Optional Adapter
Step Motor extension module:
  • Quar-phases 12V step motor
  • Step motor position control
  • Step motor speed control

Direct Fan extension module:
  • 12V direct fan
  • Fan motor increase/decrease speed control
Temperature Induction extension module:
  • Temperature induction circuit x 1
LP-PC1-10 Interface Card:
  • Standard PCI Interface Card
  • 48 Pin two-way I/O
  • 32+16bits I/O data width