Zestaw ćwiczeniowy radiolokacja nr kat. M1.1.2.7 COM3LAB

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The radar technology is a radio location procedure which identifies cooperative and non-cooperative targets with echo procedures. Equipped with unique capabilities, such as independence on weather – and daylight, wide range, high measuring insensitivity etc., it is now hard to imagine the world without radar technology in military and civil applications.

The COM3LAB Radar technology courses take these high demands into account. They enable realistic experiments on radar technology in the laboratory.

Learning objectives

  • Learning physical basic principles
  • Function and structure of a radar
  • Evaluation of a radar

The COM3LAB course Radar technology I works with a monostatic ultrasonic radar.

The COM3LAB course Radar technology II works with an X-band microwave source. It examines the principles and applications of the Doppler effect by measurements in the time and frequency domain (FFT analysis of the Doppler spectrum in the base tape).


  • Distance measurement
  • Echo representation
  • Delay measurements
  • Radar Cross Sections
  • Tracking
  • Target suppression
  • Representation of mobile targets
  • Detection of non-cooperative / cooperative targets and stealth

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M1.1.2.7 COM3LAB : Radiolocation

Components of equipment sets

737 60  8  COM3LAB Course: Radar Technology I 1
737 65  8  COM3LAB Course: Radar Technology II 1




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