Kompaktowe obciążenie rezystancyjne jedno i trójfazowe RHP05, RHP20, RHP40

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  • Using the same switches and resistors as the other models, this load is intended for use on the laboratory bench.
  • The ultra fast switches and operating mode jump leads are found on the front panel.
  • DC and single-phase 240V mode/3-phase delta 240V/ 3-phase star 400V. (Exists also for voltages 127/220V in 4kW – upon request)
  • Dimensions: 500 x 220 x 400mm
  • Male earth sockets in standard. Female earth socket upon request.
  • CEI1010 CATIII 1000Vrms pol2
Ref W Nb of switches Variation in Type Weight
RHP05 0.5kW 6 Steps of 5% portable 5kg
RHP20 2kW 6 Steps of 5% portable 11kg
RHP40 4kW 6 Steps of 5% portable 11kg




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