Oscyloskop cyfrowy GDS-2204E 4x200MHz 1GSa/s, 10M, 120,000 wfm/s, 8 cali WVGA

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The GDS-2000E digital oscilloscope features bandwidth selections of 200MHz, 100MH, and 70MHz. Two-channel model provides 1GSa/s real-time sampling rate for each channel; four-channel model provides 1GSa/s maximum real-time sampling rate. The 8-inch 800*480 TFT LCD display and the minimum 1mV/div vertical range allow the GDS-2000E series to measure complex feeble signals and clearly display measurement results.

With respect to the memory depth, the GDS-2000E series digital oscilloscope provides 10M long memory for users to completely retrieve and analyze waveforms. Users, based upon the application requirements, can select 1K, 10K, 100K, 1M or 10M memory depth. Short memory depth collocating with the high sampling rate allows users to observe fast-changing waveforms and, on the other hand, long memory depth aims for continuously changing waveforms. The GDS-2000E series is equipped with waveform search and segmented memory functions to expand the flexible applications of 10M long memory. The segmented memory can be divided the maximum into 29,000 sections for users to bypass any unimportant waveforms so as to swiftly search all required waveforms. With the function, more meaningful waveforms can be saved and target waveforms can be displayed rapidly. With the waveform search function, users can rapidly search desired waveforms according to the required trigger conditions.

  • Waveform Update Rate of 120,000 wfm/s and VPO Waveform Display Technology
  • Low Background Noise—-Beneficial to Small Signal Measurement
  • Small Signal Autoset Retrieving Capability
  • Dual Display Screen Zoom-In and Play/Pause Functions
  • 36 Items of Auto Measurement Selection and the Statistics Function
  • Digital Filter Function
  • Data Log Function
  • Support I2C/SPI/UART/CAN/LIN Serial Bus Trigger and Decoding Function
  • Waveform Search Function
  • Segmented Memory Function
  • 1M FFT Frequency Domain Display Function
  • Digital Voltage Meter


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