A2.4.1.2 System czujników parkowania

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A2.4.1.2 System czujników parkowania

The park distance control – also known as back-up warning or Parkpilot – is a useful accessory in the area of comfort electronics. Complex or closed body designs restrict sight forward and backward in many vehicles. The park distance control uses ultrasound sensors to reliably measure the distance to all kinds of obstacles, in particular to children and pedestrians. An optical and acoustic warning protects the vehicle and external objects from damage.
LEYBOLD has developed an experimental panel for the topic of park distance control, consisting of

  • an original control unit
  • four original ultrasound sensors, as well as
  • an acoustic and
  • an optical indicator.


Simulated engagement in reverse gear activates the application. When switched on, the sensors – built into the vehicle’s bumper – send out ultrasound signals and receive the reflected echoes. The control unit calculates the distance of an obstacle down to the centimeter. The display shows the different distance ranges with light bars of different colors or with an acoustic distance warning with changing sound sequences.
The sensor connection cables and the ground wire to the control until are brought through bridging plugs in order to simply measure voltages and currents and simulate open circuit faults.


739 750 Park distance control 1
416 000 Ultrasonic transducer 40 KHz   4 1
726 10 Panel frame T150, Two Level 1
300 02 Stand base V-shape, small   8 2
738 10 Ignition Switch   8 1
738 02 Automotive power supply 13.8 V/36 A   8 1
524 013SKFZ Sensor-CASSY 2 Starter, Automotive   4 1
738 975 Diagnostic Plug 16 Pin   8 1
737 9803 OBD Adaptor CAN+USB   8 1
500 59 Set of 10 safety bridging plugs, black   4 2
500 592 Safety Bridging Plugs with Tap, black, set of 10   8 1
500 644 Safety connection lead 100 cm, black   8 2
500 647 Safety Connection Lead 100 cm brown   8 2
500 593 * Fault simulation plugs, black, set of 10 1
738 01 * Cable and plug box   4 1
Articles marked with * are not essential, we do however recommend them to carry out the experiment.




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