A2.6.1.1 System okablowania samochodu: Oświetlenie

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A2.6.1.1 System okablowania samochodu: Oświetlenie

The training panel in automobile electronics consists of a modern instrument panel insert with electronic immobilizer, the full steering wheel electronics, the central control module for comfort system and the electronic and electric system. The lighting system and a windshield wiper motor round off the system. The basic vehicle electronics and modern data bus systems are clearly and simply represented. This approach places great value on the use of original vehicle parts. The focus is always on error detection, analysis and correction.

The following components are part of the training panel:

  • the lighting unit
  • the instrument cluster
  • the electronic immobilizer
  • the steering wheel electronics
  • the control unit for automatic trailer detection
  • a 13-pole trailer socket
  • the central control module for comfort system (CAN bus)
  • the electronic and electric system
  • the windshield wiper motor
  • the rain photosensor
  • the relay strip
  • the OBD diagnostic plug
  • a CAN bus interface
  • a fault switching box.

Models of a driver and/or passenger door can complement the training panel.



739 5821 Training panel lighting NG 1
738 027 Dig. Power supply 1 – 16 V/40 A   8 1
500 990 Adapter sockets, set of 2   8 1
739 581USB CAN bus adapter USB   8 1
739 587 Software: CAN bus visualisation   4 1
739 588 LIN BUS PC interface USB 1
737 9803 OBD Adaptor CAN+USB   8 1
524 013S Sensor-CASSY 2 Starter   4 1
524 081 LIN bus box   8 1
524 078 CAN bus box   4 1
738 9821 Safety experiment cables, set of 51 1
739 5835 * DS vehicle door 1
739 5836 * PS vehicle door 1
Articles marked with * are not essential, we do however recommend them to carry out the experiment.




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