Domowa instalacja PLC PROGRAMIX-C

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Domowa instalacja PLC  PROGRAMIX-C

Using PROGRAMIX, students automate a house with the PLC. This easy-to-use software offers a wide range of user-friendly functions: clock, timer switch, counter, etc. The “Simulation” function tests the programme before it is used for real.

IMPORTANT: The panel is fitted with a stand-alone telephone line. Commands sent from
the telephone set that is supplied with the system are not routed via the
school’s telephone network or via the public telephone network.

Components located on the panel

  • A modular table with protective devices (30mA).
  • 1 PLC
  • 3 lighting circuits (outside, living room and kitchen)
  • 1 dusk-to-dawn switch with its own cell
  • 1 500W convector
  • 1 adjustable thermostat
  • 1 external temperature probe
  • 1 electric roller blind with Up/Down switch
  • 1 intrusion detector and 1 siren
  • 1 remote telephone transmitter
  • 1 remote telephone set

Features of the base

  • Base on large wheels
  • easy to move.
  • Dim. L x W x H: 1500 x 690 x 1980mm
  • Melamine surface: 1200 x 1700mm

Features of the programmable interface

  • 12 inputs
  • 8 dry contact outputs
  • 1 local programming and status display
  • 1 CD-based programming software package
  • 1 RS232 lead between the PC and the programmable