Podstawowy zestaw edukacyjny z fotowoltaiki – DL SOLAR-L

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Solar photovoltaic energy

The kit DL SOLAR?L allows correlating school physics with practical usage of the photovoltaic cells. The system has been conceived in such a way that most experiments can be conducted in normal room lighting. An external current is not necessary for these experiments. The lighting module (included) is required only for a few experiments, which can be operated with a students’ power supply.


  • Series and parallel connection of solar cells
  • Power dependence on the area of the solar cell
  • Power dependence on the angle of incidence
  • Power dependence on the level of illumination
  • Determination of efficiency ratio of energy conversion
  • Internal resistance of solar cells
  • Dark characteristic curve of solar cell
  • Inhibiting and conducting direction in illumination and
  • darkness
  • IV characteristic and fill factor of the solar cell
  • IV characteristic of the solar cell in dependence on the
  • level of illumination
  • Dependence of the solar cell power on temperature
  • Shading of solar cells in series connection
  • Shading effect of solar cells in parallel connection
  • The solar cell as a transmission measure
  • Power dependence on the frequency of the incident light



De Lorenzo to włoska firma, która powstała w 1951 roku. Światowy lider w projektowaniu, rozwoju i produkcji zestawów edukacyjnych dla techników i specjalistów.