Zasilacz DC 0-230V/10A model DC10 (0-230V/10A)

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Given that photovoltaic panels do not produce significant power in cloudy conditions, it is not possible to complete the related tutorials. DC10 is a source which, by replacing the solar panels, overcomes unpredictable sunshine

• Mains input 230V single-phase
• Stop/start switching Push-button + LED indicator lights
• Emergency stop Key operated
• DC output Adjustable from 0 to 230V DC
• Maximum current 10A
• Filtering 5% of residual ripple at 10A.
• Adjustment method Button on the top
• Display of outputs 1 voltmeter and 1 ammeter
• Output terminals in parallel 2 photovoltaic type connectors
2 4mm safety terminals
• Upstream protection By fuse
• Output protection By circuit breaker
• Protection of individuals By safety isolation transformer
• Dimensions/Weight 330 x 280mm height 510mm/40kg
• Castors 4 including 2 with brakes



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