A2.7.2.2 Stanowisko doświadczalne napęd hybrydowy

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The combination of combustion engine and electric motor in the power train enables new driving functions: start/stop function, purely electric driving, hybrid driving, generator operation, as well as regenerative brake operation. All these operation modes should ultimately have one aim: fuel economy and thereby reducing toxic emissions.
LEYBOLD here offers a demonstration plant that – completely run as a mobile experiment stand – precisely achieves the operation modes above as a parallel hybrid system with two couplings in the 300 W range. The electric drive uses a permanent-magnet synchronous machine (PMSM); a frequency converter motor adjusts the combustion engine, and the electrical machine test system raises the load (transmission, rolling friction, air resistance, etc.). The electric motor’s central frequency converter can also be studied.
With parameterization of the drive and output components and by measuring the electric (V, I, P) and mechanical (n, T) values, the energy flows can be determined in terms of magnitude and direction. This also enables precise initiation of the individual operation modes and studying them in the experiment.

The set includes a mobile experimental rack 724876 and can be set up as a demonstration experiment.


739 945 Experiment set hybride drives   8 1
727 10 RMS Meter   4 1
727 11 Power Meter   8 1
524 013S Sensor-CASSY 2 Starter   4 1
524 013 Sensor-CASSY 2   4 1
524 0621 UIP sensor S   4 1




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