System szkoleniowy sterowanie ciśnieniem 38-004

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The Pressure Training System is a single loop pneumatic control system. It enables the study of the principles of both pressure regulation of a process and the control of flow in a pressurised system.

The System comprises a low pressure air circuit supported on a bench-mounted panel, making it suitable for individual student work or for group demonstration.


  • Safe low pressure operation
  • Fully gauged for pressure and flow rate
  • Differential and Gauge pressure sensors
  • Current controlled (4-20mA) pneumatically operated control valve
  • Standard industrial components
  • Self-sealing outlets for manometer
  • Safety valves fitted as standard
  • Air used as the process fluid

Subject Area

  • Pressure Safety, Familiarisation and Calibration
  • I/P converter and Pneumatic Control Valve Operation
  • Controller Familiarisation and Calibration
  • Automatic Control Systems
  • Serial Communication
  • Pressure Sensor, Transmitter and I/P Converter- Linearity and Hysteresis
  • Pneumatic Control Valve, Characteristics at Different Pressure Ranges
  • System Response and Air Receiver
  • Principles of Proportioning Valve and Proportional Process Control
  • Study of P, PI and PID Control of Pressure
  • Calibration of the Differential Pressure Sensor and Transmitter
  • Flow Control in the Process Rig