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  • Wzmacniacz pomiarowy -LD 532 00

    For measurement of currents, charges (static) and voltages at low-error current levels in connection with an external voltmeter with an internal resistance exceeding 3 kΩ and a range between 0.3 V and 3 V (10 V max.), for example demonstration moving-coil instrument (531 900), and TY or XY plotters. Including BNC-4-mm cable (575 24). Examples…

  • Wzmacniacz AC/DC 30W – LD 532 20

    Multipurpose AC/DC measurement amplifier with power output stage. Can also be used as precision power supply. With built-in bias voltage source which makes an external voltage supply unnecessary when. Virtually misoperation- proof due to shortcircuit proof output, thermal overload protection and LED indicators for voltage overdrive and exceeding the maximum output current. Examples of applications:…

  • Wzmacniacz pomiarowy izolowany 80V/7A AS150

    The output of a low frequency generator applied to the AS150 input, amplifies the voltage until 80V peak to peak, and the current up to 7A with an impedance ≥ 4Ω Bandwidth at 0.1dB: 20Hz-20kHz. (at 0.7dB: 10Hz – 50kHz) The output level of the low frequency generator adjusts the AS150 output amplitude from 0…

  • Wzmacniacz wysokiego napięcia HA-205 (170Vp-p/450mA, Super High Speed Model)

    2500V/uS Super High Speed Model 170Vp-p (±85V DC) 900mAp-p (±450mA DC) Bandwidth: 3MHz / 100Vp-p Gain (AMPL): 0~35 (10 Turn VR+SW) Microprocess Control Protection

  • Wzmacniacz wysokiego napięcia HA-805 ( 800Vp-p / 100mA )

    800Vp-p(±400V DC) 200mAp-p(±100mA DC) Bandwidth: ?300KHz(400Vp-p) Slew Rate: 300V/us Gain(AMPL):0~180(10 Turn VR) DC Offset: ?0~±400V(10 Turn VR+SW) Output Resistor: 100Ω Microprocess Control Protection